Personalised Now Closed


We have closed our books this morning on all the custom clothing for women - as our priority is now getting up to date with the past orders. They are marked as SOLD OUT .. 
Please don't message us asking to squeeze in an order as right now we don't think it is fair to our current customers, as much as we would love to help.
Custom clothing for children will go offline later tonight - apart from selected colours, to ease production. 

If this is too late for you - we are truly sorry, but as always you are most welcome to cancel your order - just email

We think this is the fairest way to deal with ensuring all customers who have current orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

November 29, 2015 by Jacqui P

Saturday Night Update

We are continuing to work through the weekends and into the evening with our new machines catching up with production. We are still quoting as we have always that production is 14+ days as they are printed to order. Only our family works silly hours, we are a tiny tired team..


We have made 1000's of sweats this weekend. All of this stock is allocated to past orders and we are making more this week to fulfil current demand, we do not hold stocks even on the off the peg as demand has been even higher this week. Based on this..


CUSTOMER SERVICE - We have hired a new freelance support team as we simply cannot handle all of your requests. They should be live as of Tuesday and we will let you know more details via here and a mailshot to all our shoppers. So sorry we are not keeping up with your emails at the moment.

PERSONALISED items are all designed, hand cut and then hand printed to order. So these are now the items that are most behind with production and will continue to be. Apologies if you are still waiting.

METALLICS had a quality issue with the colour - so these are now delayed until THURSDAY - and we have oversold on them. They may have to go offline and we are thrilled with the amount we have raised for charity.

We should have caught up with all of the back log by next weekend

If you are tired of waiting - we completely understand! So you are more than welcome to cancel your order at any time up to dispatch. Please message us on FB and let us know.

Returns .. should your item not be just right - we understand and if it is not personalised we are happy for you to exchange or return. From today we have included a slip for your reference to make it easier for you all. 

Thats all for now and should answer most of your questions. Back off to pack Naughty and Nice! and grab a large glass of something alcoholic

November 28, 2015 by Jacqui P

Black Friday .. an antidote

It is Black Friday .. We used to love the idea of a ‪#‎billybargain‬ day.. But after a couple of years of it hitting the UK we can see the bad impact it has seen in trade for us small businesses, the local shops and customer expectation / shopping habits. So we have opted out this year and instead are doing something a little different and giving 10% from every one of these black tops sold today to a mental health charity.. To help bring colour out of darkness. Having said ALL of that we have of course still got our lovely THANKFUL 25% off clothing Promotion .. But it is trucking along till Sunday so you can relax a little about your shopping. 
PS I cannot lie that I might be buying a couple of things from fellow small businesses who are offering discounts off their wares.. Claire Close, Bespoke Verse, Snapdragon Lindley Wood, Blossom and Brush and LilyBelle are on the list.
November 27, 2015 by Jacqui P


Today is Thanksgiving .. We are totally thankful for everything lovely happening on this latest family adventure of ours... We are super lucky to get to do something we love where we love .. And whilst working with your family can be epic.. It is also sometimes tough.. it has been a roller coaster year and not everything is always rosy but for this mad lot I call family I am truly thankful xxx  
PS Thank you to all of you too for making all of this possible, if you didn't notice we have 25% off this weekend with code THANKFUL
November 26, 2015 by Jacqui P

Express Offline

EXPRESS & Delivery Update for you all..
Express is currently now OFFLINE .. simply due to demand and increased sales over the Black Friday weekend. Our priority now will be to ensure past orders are getting through production and out of the door as soon as possible.

We have all the pieces now in place so are simply putting our heads down to get your sweats and other goodies to you. We may take some other lines off line. Be aware that personalised items will incur more of a delay as they are individually artworked just for you...  and are still within personalised timescales of 28 days but more likely 21

November 24, 2015 by Jacqui P
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Sweating over Sweats

UPDATE to all our super amazing customers.
This week we are completely THANKFUL that our Slouchy Sweats have proved to be such a hit since we launched them less than 3 weeks ago.
For those who do not know we produce each and every single one by hand on our farm.. We are not mass producing them or importing them from another country.. they are British born and made. Having said that we have made over 4500 sweat shirts by hand in this short space of time. BUT we are still 7 days production behind. We received new machines today and so will catch up this week... our small team of elves are working 18 hour days, 7 days a week at the moment to make sure we do.  
To answer the most common questions:
We cannot respond to every comment on Facebook - but try very hard, but we are real people and try very hard to be lovely.
We do answer all messages with 24 hours (or at least try to)
We do offer returns and indeed exchanges (unless they are personalised) and have changed over 100 "could you just swaps" for our customers in the past few weeks, even if it upsets the flow of production - you are at the heart of what we are trying to achieve.
We don't have models but have published measurements online 
The small is not as slouchy as the bigger sizes is the feedback we have so far.

When we cannot take any more Christmas orders - we will close the books, to make sure that we do not disappoint

This weekend from now we have 25% off for Thanks Giving (and of course Black Friday).. the code is THANKFUL because we are.

We cannot apply this retrospectively.. just in case you ask.

Please keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates as we catch up and can open up the bespoke items again.

November 20, 2015 by Jacqui P