Black Friday .. an antidote

It is Black Friday .. We used to love the idea of a ‪#‎billybargain‬ day.. But after a couple of years of it hitting the UK we can see the bad impact it has seen in trade for us small businesses, the local shops and customer expectation / shopping habits. So we have opted out this year and instead are doing something a little different and giving 10% from every one of these black tops sold today to a mental health charity.. To help bring colour out of darkness. Having said ALL of that we have of course still got our lovely THANKFUL 25% off clothing Promotion .. But it is trucking along till Sunday so you can relax a little about your shopping. 
PS I cannot lie that I might be buying a couple of things from fellow small businesses who are offering discounts off their wares.. Claire Close, Bespoke Verse, Snapdragon Lindley Wood, Blossom and Brush and LilyBelle are on the list.