Balloons & Helium FAQS

Balloons are super fun and we challenge anyone not to feel a little 'moment of joy' when they see our supersize balloons in action. However they can pop and are made from Latex rubber, often our customers use helium to fill them and this is a gas .. so whilst fun these items are NOT TOYS.  We have answered some FAQS about them here, but please be aware that we cannot take any liability for balloons or helium in use.

How Much Helium do you need to fill a balloon?

  • An average 40 balloon disposable cannister has a volume of 11.7ft3 /.33m3
  • This Fills:

    • 40 x 9" balloons
    • 17 x 11" balloons
    • 13 x 18" foil balloons
    • 1x Big Balloon (85/90cm)
  • However this is not an exact science as helium is a gas and our balloons made from natural latex rubber.  We would suggest therefore that you UNDERFILL rather than risk over filling (and popping) a balloon
  • Heart or shaped balloons do not take up as much air as the round ones (due to the shape)
How long do balloons stay up for?
  • Float time: 5-7 hours (as our latex is biodegradable, therefore porous and they will leak the air over time)
  • Float time with ULTRA HI-FLOAT: over 168 hours (1 week!) *see our BALLOON ACCESSORIES range to purchase.

How do I know the balloon is full?

  • The sizes shown are the MAXIMUM recommended blown up size - we usually recommend to inflate the balloon to a slightly smaller size than that shown.  This will avoid over inflating and reduce the risk of popping your balloons.
  • It is not an exact science so take you time and it is usually best to have someone else on hand to help.
  • You can always put 2 chairs back to back at the distance apart you want your balloon to be blown to as a guage.  Just be careful there are no sharp edges!

What if my balloon pops!

  • We cannot take any liability for the popping or loss of balloons.  If you have a big event and have ordered a balloon with a tail we recommend ordering a "back up" plain balloon, just in case you 'let go' or pop your balloon by accident.
  • Helium is a third party product and we cannot take any liability for its' use


  1. We have been advised that Balloons are safe to use as long as you heed the safety guidelines shown. 
  2. Please note they ARE NOT TOYS.  Adult supervision must be adhered to at all times.
  3. We cannot accept any liability for the use of the balloons by any third party, including our customers.  
  4. Please be aware that ANYONE can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.
  5. Adult supervision is required at all times
  6. Keep uninflated balloons away from children
  7. Discard any broken balloons immediately
  8. Made of Natural Latex rubber, which may cause allergies
  9. Use a pump or other balloon inflation device to inflate
  10. Please keep this information for future reference


Helium sold is via a third party company and is NOT manufactured or the liability of Pearl and Earl Ltd. Use is at customer risk.  We have been advised that Helium gas is safe to use providing you follow the safety guidelines outlined below:

  1. Do not deliberately inhale helium. Although not poisonous, this gas could result in DEATH by asphyxiation or damage to your lungs. This warning is endorsed by the British Compressed Gasses Association.
  2. Never open the cylinder valve without the preinstalled inflator fitted. Make sure you open the valve slowly.
  3. Never use equipment which may be damaged. Under no circumstances attempt to repair any item of equipment.
  4. When transporting a cylinder by car ensure that the vehicle is well ventilated and the cylinder is well secured.
  5. Ensure cylinders are stored in well ventilated areas, away from direct heat.
  6. We recommend to always wear eye protection when using a cylinder. When inflating balloons always point the balloons and inflator away from you. Remember to close the cylinder valve after use.
  7. Always use a proper trolley for moving any large cylinders, even for a short distance.
  8. Cylinders can cause serious injury if they fall over or roll onto you.
  9. Keep cylinders away from children at all time. Responsible adults only should use cylinders and other equipment.

Please Note: Delivery to UK mainland only.  There are special shipping costs on helium which are outside of our normal terms and conditions of delivery