Just a little note on copyright and licensing - as we are asked about this all the time... and so we have taken advice and taken the time to explain this in detail, as we are sure you can appreciate that our unique designs are our life blood.


All of our designs and site content are strictly copyrighted under international IP Law. The designer / authors of the works retain full copyright of all items, and extends their moral rights as the author / owner of the works.Some items are licensed to Pearl and Earl and the Licensor owns and retains all rights in the copyrighted works including (but not limited to) all poems, kits, artwork, charts, alphabets (the “Protected Works”), first published over a period of time since 2004 to the present date in the UK. Pearl and Earl is a registered Trademark under UK registration number UK00003022940. We are also members of ACID - Anti Copying In Design, who are leaders in design protection.It has come to our attention that over time people can breach our Protected Works by copying our copyrighted works, or elements of them for commercial gain. We always gather evidence to review and protect this to the full extent of the law. Should you wish to use any element of our works, we ask for permission in writing. We are under no obligation to grant said permission. Our rights are protected under Section 16 of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988 (c.48) and you could be liable for damages, account of profits. We reserve the right to exercise any other rights & remedies as provided under and in addition to the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988.


When selling our art quotes or any product that you can use eg a craft kit, under IP Law the items are licensed for personal one time use. BUT....It is illegal to photocopy OR distribute OR profitably gain from any designs or patterns, even if you adjust or use just an element of them. This even includes printed works in magazines / books, and is standard legal practise. It also includes all content on the site, pdfs, photography and how tos. (Please see our terms and conditions).Our copyright is strictly managed, and photocopying and scanning of designs is against IP law. Sadly people have in the past copied our designs and sold them on disks on Ebay or via email on Facebook. We cannot manage the quality or authenticity of these items, and they are breaches of IP law.


Can I type up and print your poem or artworks myself?No - as this is a breach of copyright, even if the design is amended or adjusted slightly - it is still the design owners work. They do from time to time extend licenses to third parties to produce their work in selected forms - but these are under contract.LicensingWe would love to hear from you if you are interested in any distribution or pattern licenses or commissions.Personalised / Bespoke Work. Our personalised products are very successful - and whilst we may adapt the pattern or design to include personalised details - the whole work remains the copyright of the designer / owner and under the same terms and conditions.If you are interested in any licensing matters please contact the team. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further detail, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.