Pearl and Earl founder and Creative Director Jacqui Pearce has been creating bespoke and poem art prints for people since 2003 and her Award Winning destination style art since 2009.  The trend for typographic art has since flourished, but we always are trying to look for the next best thing to grace your walls.  We have collaborated with Sky One, Grazia, BBC, various celebrities and editorial press on bespoke products.

Her POEMS are written from a very personal perspective and have been known to prompt a tear or two, as it seems her sentiment and humour are shared by our customers too! The words are strictly copyrighted and protected by international IP law.

All our prints are designed and printed in house to fine art standards using GICLEE printing onto ARCHIVAL PAPER.  Our framing is completed by our local framer, who frames for top galleries and designers such as Paul Smith (and Pearl and Earl of course!).  Here we have compiled some of the more frequently asked questions:


  • How Long does personalisation and framing take?

Standard prints can usually be dispatched with 1-2 days.  Personalisation usually take 2-5 working days - and framing another 7-10 working days on top due to the hand made nature of the work.  Express options are available - but NOT on the framing.

  • Can you do bespoke colours to match something?

Yes - but our standard colours have been tried and tested in the printing process - so if you want to quote a pantone reference, we cannot guarantee how it will come out in the print.  Please contact us with any queries.  There is an extra fee for this service

  • What is a giclee print?

The word "giclée" was created by Jack Duganne, a print maker, he wanted a name for the new type of prints they were producing on a large format high resolution ink-jet printer they had adapted for fine art printing. In the past few years, the word “giclée,” as a fine art term, has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant, archival inks with multiple colour levels which increase the apparent resolution and color integrity. Basically they are the best digital prints you can buy, and are used in fine art 'reproduction prints'.

  • What is a archival paper?

It is a specially coated art card, which produces the best finish with the inks. It also means that the paper will not yellow with age.   We use a silk on our bright colours for an extra "ping" of colour intensity - and different textured papers depending on the print.  We choose our papers carefully, we only work with the very best. 

  • How are the prints framed?  They seem expensive!

Our local framer is second to none.  He frames for designers as well as top London Galleries and we are so proud that he has taken on our work and the finish is lovely.  He uses top grade smooth finish matt painted wood frames (22-40mm depending on the frame) which is cut, glued and fixed in house.  The white core black and snow white thick mounts are cut by hand to fit each piece.  They are then finished with top grade acrylic - which has 99% clarity, without the health and safety and breakage problems of glass.  It actually costs us more!  They are pre strapped ready to hang.  This process takes in itself up to 10 working days due to the work log we now have and the work involved.

  • Where can I get standard High Street ones and what is the difference?

Our STANDARD prints are printed to standard A sizes (some have a 5mm white edge for handling), which normally fit into 'off the shelf' frames (which include card mounts) from £15 at Ikea and a bit more at Habitat and BHS to name a few.  Failing that - why not use your local framer?  It is worth asking - as the quality of the mount card, frame and finish are clearly superior.  But if you just want something quick and easy you can use the IKEA frames which are simply stapled MDF with thin card and glass.  It really is up to you... but as the old addage goes... you get what you pay for.

  • Can I use your poems in my own style - only for personal use right?

NO - all of our work is strictly copyrighted and protected by IP law.  The poem words themselves (the 'protected works') belong to Jacqui and she fully extends her moral rights to be cited as the author of the works.  The words can be used only with her permission and under strict licensing agreements. Please refer to our copyright page for more details.