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Avalanche Supersize Pack of 20 Snowflakes


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Our Paper Snowflake Christmas honeycomb decorations are the perfect nostalgic chic addition to your home at Christmas.

Our packs enable you to also save money too!  The Avalanche Pack is the ultimate pack of our best selling lines, saving you money

Set of 20 Snowflakes / Fans..  

  • AVALANCHE 8x MEDIUM (37cm) 8x LARGE (56cm) 4x X LARGE (72cm)
  • Colour: White
  • 100% paper

Each snowflake size comes in 2 different styles - we try and pack a mix, but cannot always ensure the same shapes due which are affected by stock levels and production.

Our honeycomb paper tissue decorations are made of 100% premium quality tissue paper... and are completely eco friendly.