Hi Float Balloon Liquid


Our HI FLOAT liquid with pump dispenser enables your balloons to stay up for even longer!  Helium is very rare and very expensive..  and our balloons are top grade biodegradable latex.  A few squirts of hi-float liquid is pumped into the balloon before inflating so that it seals the inside to prevent 'seepage' of the air. 

This means your balloon Float Time is increased from 5 hours to 5-7 days!

Float time: 5-7 hours without HI FLOAT (as our latex is biodegradable, therefore porous and they will leak the air over time)
Float time with ULTRA HI-FLOAT: over 168 hours (1 week!)

  • 1 bottle with a pump dispenser of 16oz of liquid
  • 1 bottle treats approx 100 11inch balloons or approx or 15 of our Big Balloons


Latex balloons only need to be Hi-Float treated if inflating with helium gas. Please ensure you read the instructions thoroughly and that you are using the right amount for your balloon size (we use approx 2/3 squirts for our big balloons.

We recomment you Treat 1 balloon first and inflate it to test that you have used the correct amount and distributed it correctly.  If you use too much you balloon will be too heavy and not float, if you use too little it will not seal the inside properly.

Make sure you inflate the balloon SLOWLY when using larger high pressure cylinders to avoid disturbing the distributed hi-float

Please Note: Delivery to UK mainland only.