Star Balloons 25cm Pack of 10 - Mixed


SIZE: 25cm / 11inch diameter 


COLOUR: Mixed (may not always contain all colours as pre packed packs)

  • Helium - you can buy our 50 cannister disposable bottles, or hire a large cannister for big events
  • Hi-Float - which is a liquid that lines the porous latex in the balloon to create a seal, enabling the balloon to stay up for several days! Tip: don't put too much in, otherwise it will weigh the smaller balloons down too much.
  • Balloon cups - a quick and easy way of keeping the balloon sealed, Why not add one of our paper straws to create an instant party wand!
  • Our handmade tassel tails come in a selection of our favourite colours or we can make bespoke ones to match your event.  Just ask our team.
  • We also have off the shelf streamers, festooning and fringing.


  • It is always wise to inflate them in situ - otherwise you have to fit them in a car!
  • How much Helium? 1 standard 50 balloon cannister fills approx 30 large 25cm balloons
  • Balloons should be inflated by an adult and are NOT TOYS. Please supervise children and play it safe.
  • When blown up with helium - have your string and a weight ready..  you don't want to let it go!

Please refer to our balloon and helium FAQS and warnings HERE

SAFETY DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Balloons (and Helium) should be used by an adult following independent instructions and are NOT TOYS.  Please supervise children and play it safe.  Please note if a balloon is incorrectly filled, used, lost or popped we cannot take responsibility. 

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